Magnifying Glass
Home Tech Research
  • Looking for a new piece of tech to suit your specific needs but don't know where to start looking

  • Too many choices of tech and unsure what is best for you

  • Want to use social media and video calls to stay in touch but don't know how

Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone
  • Got a smartphone but don't know how to use it

  • Want to get more from your phone

  • Want to add and learn how to use different apps

  • Need a phone for a specific need such as a hearing impairment

  • Looking for a basic phone to call and text with no hidden charges

  • Your child needs a lap top for school

  • Want a device to stream shows, email and video chat only

  • Never used a computer but want to learn

  • Never bought a computer and don't know what to buy

White Landline Earpiece
Home Phone
  • Need a new home phone system

  • Always buy a particular brand but unsure whether it's actually the best for your needs

  • Need a phone for a specific need such as a hearing impairment

Large Television
Audio Visual
  • Need a new tv but sales people keep trying to sell you something you don't think you need

  • Looking for a good sound system to play your favourite tunes

Digital Stove
  • Got your budget and requirements but no time to spend looking at the specifics

  • Wanting to move away from your brand favourite because it's not being as reliable

App Screens
  • Got a tv or phone with lots of apps which you don't know how to access

  • Looking for apps for a specific need

Video Conference
Video Conferencing
  •   Want to learn how to video chat