About Kin 

I am a qualified Micro Electronic Engineer and my 15 years in the industry was spent in hands on engineering, research and purchasing. I have worked on many significant projects including the Commtech reader used in the extremely successful and collectable merchandise for the 1999 Star Wars film ‘The Phantom Menace’. This product led to the development of what we now know as NFC, the contactless payment technology seen in many mobile phones.

I love research and dare I say, shopping. Before making any large purchase, I believe that research is key, knowing what you need out of a product and looking past the brand to what's underneath.

I am here to help the people of Wokingham make successful purchases. I have a completely unbiased opinion; my home tech comes from many brands but they all have one thing in common, they are perfect for my needs and requirements and they were all within my budget.  

Time and time again, I hear people say, 'I only wanted a phone that could text and call, but the sales guy said I needed the latest top model phone. I can only use it to text and call but I am now stuck with it and it's costing me a fortune.'  

I then tell them honestly the kind of phone they really need which is usually something much cheaper and simpler to use. Sometimes the person will ask me to teach them how to use the more complex phone and I am happy to do that also. Nothing worse than feeling like you've wasted your money, so trying to work how to use something is their preferred option. 

You could replace phone here with TV, sound system, fridge freezer, home phone, computer or any home technology product. I am not here to help people by the latest 'fandangled' piece of tech; I am here to help people get the best for their needs and in their budget.